The coming winter season 2024/25 for the Sleddog Experience Sparenmoos will be limited to the months of December 24 (snow not sure) and January 25. From February 25 we will be in Sweden.


Bookings are now possible, please contact us by email or phone.




Sled dog experience Sparenmoos


Look forward to a very special sled dog experience on the beautiful Sparenmoos high plateau above Zweisimmen in the Bernese Oberland!


After the often adventurous journey (steep, narrow and mostly snow-covered road) you can now really breathe deeply in the cold and clear mountain air.

The sled dogs are already waiting for you, and you can get to know the individual dogs at the stake-out (tie chain) at your leisure. Take your time and recognize the different characters of the dogs: Some are exuberant and boisterous, others reserved and expectant. We would be happy to tell you something about each dog, maybe you already have a personal favourite.


Then there is a short instruction on the sled, material and driving technique. It pays to be careful...

Then it's time to harness the dogs: With the appropriate instructions, you can lend a hand yourself, put on the harness and booties (socks), and fasten the dogs to the towing line.

At least now it's over with the calm, the dogs are excited and can hardly wait. It is not easy to lead these bundles of energy to their place on the towing line and to fasten them with the carabiners. It's pretty impressive how powerful they are.

The excitement and noise reach their peak! Now quickly take the position in/on the passenger-sledge and the command "OK" follows.


It starts with a jolt, and all of a sudden calm returns. The dogs are panting, the sled-runners are whirring, and the cold air is blowing in your face. It is an indescribable feeling when you feel the strength and will of the dogs, and as a team you become one with the magnificent winter landscape and nature.


On our round we make a stop for photos in between, and if necessary we can swap positions in/on the sled.

Depending on the snow conditions and the number of participants, we can also do another lap.


After returning to the stake-out, we will be happy to serve you a drink (choice of coffee/tea/tap water) and answer your questions about dog ownership, dog sledding and adventure.

At the end you can enjoy the whole pack at the stake-out and cuddle the dogs to your heart's content. You probably already know some of the dogs' names by now, and you might even have chosen a furry favorite.



2-4 participants

Adults and children from 10 years

Younger children accompanied by adults possible (on request)

Severely overweight people on request



Warm winter clothing and winter shoes (similar to skiing/sledding)

gloves and hat

If possible ski goggles or sports goggles (snow grains stick in your face)


Please note: the clothes can be decorated with dog hair and paw prints!

Dog sleds and equipment are provided by Rough Trails.



From December to April, with suitable snow conditions

Note: 2024/25 only December 24 and January 25

Beginning at the earliest 9 a.m., no later than 1 p.m. (also dependent on temperature)

Duration approx. 2.5 to 3 hours (of which sledge ride approx. 1/2 hour)


See here for an overview of free/booked appointments


Meeting point: Sparenmoos above Zweisimmen

GoogleMaps: Enter "Rough Trails Schlittenhunde Zweisimmen " in the search field

Coordinates: 46.55126, 7.33951

Travel time: approx. 20 minutes from Zweisimmen

by bus from Zweisimmen train station, bus timetable winter 2023/24

by car, one-way traffic from Heimkuhweide (the last 3 km), ascent always xx:30 to xx:45 , descent xx:00 to xx:15;

4x4 or snow chains mandatory!


More information about the Sparenmoos: Flyer Sparenmoos Winter 2023/24



CHF 500.- total price for 2-4 participants

Payment for booking 15% = CHF 75 (by creditcard, non-refundable)

Payment before the Sleddog Experience 85% = CHF 425 (by creditcard, refundable in case of rain or lack of snow)


Note: If there are more than 2 people, the sledging time per person is reduced


Inquiry/ Booking

Please send an email to roughtrails(at)

or by phone at +41 79 271 11 10


Execution only on pre-booking!